Motorola showcases Moto X Motomaker customization site



After introducing the much hyped Moto X, Motorola have now launched Moto X Motomaker a website where you can build your own Moto X design wise that is according to your color tastes and preferences and you can even sign it. So not only is Motorola offering the Moto X in black and white variants, but in multiple color finishes, even wood. Remember that Made in China sticker that you’ve seen on almost all appliances in your household? Now the Moto X will have the ‘Made in USA’ label, although all the parts are made overseas, the final assembly point is in Fort Worth, Texas.


So, the Moto X casing made of two parts front and back can be interchangeable, with a range of 18 back cover colors ranging from the dark blue, grey to the bright pink and greens.The Moto X can also be printed with a personal custom message, which comes very handy if it’s a gift that you’re getting for someone dear. There are also 252 color combinations for the hardware, and sixteen different wallpapers exclusive to the Moto X, and the option to have a custom message show up when you power on the phone.

That I would say, is a very unique way of marketing one’s product, and it definitely ups the game in terms of marketing, and the general feel for one’s handset. Motorola now have made it important that not only does the phone have top of the line hardware, but also looks good on the outside as well. Check out the YouTube video.