Jelly Bean now spans across 40% of the Android ecosystem


july androidIt’s once again time to review Android’s different versions and their respective monthly shares in the gigantic Android pie which accounts for no less than 9 different versions of Android, of which some were released years ago.

The latest figures show a positive steady growth in regards to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (the first Jelly Bean flavor) leading the way with a staggering 40.5% slice of the Android pie compared to just 37.9% last month. Gingerbread on its side continues its relentless decline, down 1% point to 33.1% while the long forgotten Froyo dropped to a mere 2.5% from 3.1%, Eclair’s dwindled from 1.4% to 1.2% and Donut remains an estimated 0.1%.

As for the first Holo-centric release, Ice Cream Sandwich amounted to just 22.5% of the pie, down from the 23.3% in the previous month while the second flavor of Jelly Bean (4.2) is still however stagnating under the 10% moniker but that share is expected to rise sharply once manufacturers begin their 4.2.2 rollout. But for the time being only 6.5% of devices run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

So called ‘Tech Pundits’ enjoyed ranting about the aging Gingerbread and its domination, yet none of them would’ve anticipate its slow death by the numbers and eventual succession by Jelly Bean, something that ICS failed to achieve back in the days.

Jelly Bean’s usage continues to rise with Gingerbread no longer sole ruler of the Android ’empire’, thus more consistency across the whole spectrum is expected as API unification is strengthened across all Jelly Bean versions!

via Google