Android 4.3 is here, so what’s new?


Whats new Android 4.3

So you’ve heard about it, if you haven’t by now, whether you’re an Apple product fan boy or a Lumia Windows Phone disciple, the latest version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is here, and my, does it look good. Google on Wednesday, showcased its next generation Nexus tablet, which will make its debut in a few days, and yes it runs the latest version of Android 4.3.

Nexus 7 in all its glory
Nexus 7 in all its glory

Okay, truth be told,we still wanted to see Android 5.0 (key lime pie) but it seems it wont be available till fall. But hey,no one’s complaining, 4.3 is still pretty awesome, and while it hasn’t completely bombarded the Internet with its awesomeness  (as Android 5.0 probably would  have), it is still pretty cool. So lets see what Android 4.3 has,under the hood (or is it code?).

Restricted Profiles

With this new handy feature, you can restrict app usage and content consumption.  Lets say you share a tablet with your roommate or younger siblings, or…wait for it….PARENTS. You can now set up Profiles which will ensure that each person gets their own space. Everyone can now have their own games, apps, widgets, home-screen and even backgrounds. Parents can now place a lock on certain apps which they might not want their children accessing. This feature will mostly be available on tablets.

Bluetooth Smart Ready

Bluetooth low energy (re-branded Bluetooth smart) is support for low energy Bluetooth devices which you can now interact with.Devices utilizing Bluetooth smart technology can be found almost everywhere in devices such as fitness sensors, heart rate or glucose monitors, pedometers, thermometers,watches,game controllers, remote controls etc.

Built-in security protection

Security got a boost as well, in Android 4.3 (think about the KNOX feature on the Galaxy S4),according to the Android website

Every app runs in its own sandbox, a secure space isolated from other apps. And whenever you download an app, Android can automatically scan it for viruses, checking apps against a database maintained by Google. Thanks to Android’s multiple la