New Sony i1 Honami C6906 leaked photos show big Camera app changes


Sony C6906 Honami.jpg

While Sony still hasn’t released the Sony i1 Honami C6906, new images keep surfacing and these one’s that we’ve received today show new details about the alleged 20MP camera. As you can clearly see in the above and below images the Camera app settings has received a lot of changes.

For one, the picture mode selection screen has features such as Superior Auto and Manual, which we have seen featured on other Sony models. Timeshift burst is another interesting new feature, which looks like the feature we’ve seen on BlackBerry smartphones running BB10 OS. Picture effect has a lot of filters added (see photo below) and last but not the least, there is an AR Effect filter, that by the look of these leaked images seems to superimpose an Augmented Reality (hence AR) situation onto your shots –- case here – a dinosaur in a prehistoric environment is overlaid on the viewfinder.

Sony C6905 Honami-3.jpg