Apple wants at least $30 per device to settle copyright dispute with Samsung, plus an “anti-cloning” contract



“Apple loves charging 30 – 40 percent extra for all their products”, hence their request that Samsung must pay $30-$40 per device and sign an “anti-cloning” contract to settle their copyright dispute.

The lengthy Samsung and Apple legal battle continues and though they have tried to find common ground and have tried to solve their issues amicably, the Korea Times reported that their relationship has hit skid-row again.  This is due to Apple’s exorbitant demands.

Samsung wanted to conclude a cross-licensing agreement with Apple, but Apple demanded $30 per phone and $40 per tablet as part of the deal.  This is a tall demand, especially if you consider that HTC pays less than $5 per device.  For the Samsung’s best seller the Galaxy S4 alone, which has sold over 20 million, Apple would receive about $600 million.

But this is not out of character for Apple as this is in line with their policy of charging 30-40 percent extra for their products.  In addition to this Foss Patents reported, they also wanted Samsung to sign an “anti-cloning” contract which would prevent Samsung from copying any of Apple’s products in the future.

Clearly these demands did not serve to reconcile the parties and talks have ground to a halt yet again.  However, as we have reported previously, Apple has signed on to obtain iPhone chips from Samsung in 2015 despite severing this relationship in the past.  We can only hope that this legal madness will stop and that they will soon sign an agreement to this effect.