Google Play Store tops 1 Million Apps while App downloads croses the 50 Billion mark


google-play-1millionGoogle has revealed the latest statistics regarding the Play Store, the now famous Store is now home to over 1,000,000 Apps. – That’s up from 500,000 apps last year. And that’s not all, the Play Store saw App downloads blow past the 50 billion ceiling. Once again Google is outdoing itself with some fresh figures!

Google threw out some pretty big numbers earlier today, once again highlighting the Internet giant’s growing dominance over the global mobile market. The Play Store (previously Android Market) was viewed as a mediocre contender in contrast to Apple’s App Store  but things have evolved over the course of these least couple of years. The App catalog expanded exponentially as Android improved, so did the quality of the apps available on the platform with the advent of the unified Android Holo Design Guidelines. The hideous Gingerbread apps of yesteryear were replaced by apps decked out in the gorgeous Holo look and feel!

Developer revenue has also increased by 2.5 times compared to last year’s numbers as more developers are pouring into the wild ecosystem!


Android is hot on the heels of iOS, closing in with its once distant rival. Still going strong with over 1.5 million Android device activations per day, it’s likely that Android will overtake iOS by next year. Google is also expected 70 million Android tablet activations by the end of 2013. Additionally Android and Chrome head Sundar Pichai noted a remarkable figure: One in every two tablets sold worl