Motorola Droid Ultra ‘Limited Edition’ leaks ahead of Verizon’s NYC event


droid ultra limited edition

Looks like Christmas has come early for….well if you were dreadfully anticipating the launch of the Motorola Droid Ultra Limited Edition that is. Images of the Motorola phone leaked earlier today and caused a bit of a stir on the Internet. You have to realize that we are just a few hours to the Verizon’s NYC event,where the smartphone was supposed to be launched.

Frequent Motorola device leaker Houdabao leaked the photos,which shows a woven back,with a clean red stripe going down the middle. There isn’t much to share though,but the photo, if authentic will be a preamble to a pretty stylish phone. Are other patterns available? Perhaps,or we hope so.There isn’t a lot to talk about the droid ultra limited edition,since we don’t even have the spec  sheet. But it is touted to have a a 5-inch LCD and a 6mm thick body. But all will come to light in the next few hours,as all will be revealed then.