Nvidia Shield shipping July 31,allows PC streaming


nvidia shield

NVIDIA SHIELD the ultimate portable gaming and entertainment running on the Android platform and powered by the fastest mobile processor NVIDIA Tegra® 4 is set to hit the stores in slightly over a week on the 31st of July after having gone through a mechanical setback earlier according to their official blog site in order to meet the highest quality that are present in the industry. This has led to a push from the original previously announced launch date which was to be the 21st of June. For those of us that cannot wait to have their hands on this stylish gadget the pre-order is on-going on NVIDIA SHIELD’s official site.

On the specs side the NVIDIA SHIELD comes with true HD 720p, HDMI (Supports up to 4K resolution output) port for those of us that prefer a larger LCD or LED screens, Bluetooth 3.0, headphone jack, Android’s Jelly Bean 4.2, optimized browser, Micro SD slot, 16GB of internal storage, a flip-up 5-inch (130 mm) multitouch touchscreen display and to those of us that are quite familiar with the Xbox 360 controller you might actually spot the similarity. Additionally it comes with a two analogue joysticks, a D-pad and a couple of additional buttons as is with other gaming devices.

NVIDIA SHIELD allows one to access an array of gaming avenues including Nvidia TegraZone, Google Play and Steam also allows streaming PC games on a game by game basis but it has a catch, you must have G4600 Series GPU.It also comes with two modes the Android mode and the PC mode interchanged by hitting the game button.

The shield comes with a $299 price tag this being a discount from @349 priced earlier and will be available at GameStop, Micro Center and Canada computers in the United States and Canada though with the delays that have seen the launch of this device its speculated that the device will be available in most stores from August onwards as it also rolls out to the rest of the world.