LG Electronics files for several trademarks in South Korea, including G Pad, G Watch and G Glass


LG trademarks

The letter G stands as an acronym for something great or genius design within LG Electronics, the letter G is used by the South Korean vendor in its high-end smartphone series — LG Optimus G. LG is looking to extend this brand kind of like Samsung did with its Galaxy series, but much more extended.

According to KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office), LG Electronics filed for trademarks like G Pad, G Watch, G Glass, G Link, G Band and G Hub, which is pretty obvious that LG is looking to enter the tablet market with the G Pad, as well as the wearable gadget segment with its G Band, which could be an activity meter like the Nike+ FuelBand.

Looks like LG Electronics is hard at work on a smartwatch too, since there were a lot of rumours about Apple, Samsung and Sony developing smart wristwatches, why not them too, right? There is also the G Hub which could be something similar to Samsung Hub and G Link that will probably allow users to connect to smart TVs via LG smartphones and future tablets and there will be even glasses — G Glass.

We do not hold other information about this trademarks, but we will surely keep you updated once we hear more. Are you looking forward for an LG wearable gadget?