Sony to launch Sony SR5 lenses with built-in imaging sensor, memory and battery.



Sony SR5

Sony rumored to launch soon lenses with a built-in imagining sensor, own memory and battery, called Sony SR5 for Xperia 2013 series. What this means, it means that Xperia tablet and Xperia smartphone owners will be able to attach such lenses to their devices transmitting videos and images via NFC and/or WiFi, but you can also use it as a stand alone camera.

Sony SR5 is probably the smallest camera ever built on a large sensor and it could bring photography in the near future to a whole new level.

According to Sony Alpha Rumors blog, the first generation camera lenses to be released will feature RX100MII sensor and same Zeiss lens. There will be a second model as well ,with a smaller sensor and larger zoom, apparently.

At this point we do not have any information about a launch date, but if you keep an eye on PocketDroid daily reports, we will make sure to let you know once we hear more.