Google Android Developer site unveils Android 4.3 for a brief moment?


Android 4.3

We know for a while now that Android 4.3 is coming and that will happen very soon, because Sunday Pinchai is about to meet us at a Breakfast event on July 24th.

Yestarday Google might have published on its Google Android Developer website for a brief moment the details about Android 4.3 JellyBean software update, which might be rolled out to some Nexus devices starting July 24th. According to the above screenshot made by a vigilant tipster, Android 4.3 will deliver a much smarter Camera app, a new form of typing, improved Bluetooth protocol, economical WiFi connection (better battery hopefully) and much more.

Android fans get your Nexus devices and yourselves ready for the first “breakfast| with Sunday Pinchai scheduled for Wednesday morning, July 24th.