CyanogenMod teases ‘Nemesis’: something new is in the works



The folks behind popular custom ROM CyanogenMod are once again prepping something new, this time it won’t just be another build or new features whatsoever.

Their rather short 31-second YouTube teaser dubbed ‘Nemesis’ revolves around vague tag lines such as “Nothing Can Be better” or ‘Things Can Be better” coming right from the beginning before showing us the lock screen of a device running CyanogenMod with the word “Free”at 0:13.

It is followed by “The Right Memories” tag & ends with the their mascot Cid and the tagline “A new challenger appears, a new Nemesis appears”. – The teaser video does however not really give us an indication of what the CyanogenMod team is going to unveil sometime soon.

Clearly the message conveyed suggests that CyanogenMod is going towards a new direction, there have been a lot of theories about what’s coming. Some have suggested that the team has finally partnered with a carrier or manufacturer to produce the first ever CyanogenMod-powered handset which could emerge in the next couple of months but clues about this remains uncertain.

Comments on their Google Plus post diverge and many speculate about some new bundled applications or a smartphone bearing the “Cyanogen Nemesis” moniker. ‘Free’ could indicate some new stuff such a VoIP-like service or the French ISP Free (a partnership?).