Galaxy S4 LTE-A Arrives In Black Mist And White Frost Options Snapdragon 800 inside


galaxy s4 lte-a

Samsung GT-I9506 Galaxy S4 LTE-A has certainly created quite a buzz in its own country, having managed to ship 150,000 units already with just 14 days past since its launch. Having first launched in South Korea in Blue and Red colors only, but now Samsung has decided to throw in a couple more colors into the mix – Black Mist and White Frost. The latter colors must have mainly targeted the youth and the female gender but the new color introduction seemingly is targeting the corporate class and the more sophisticated fraction of the market.

Bear in mind that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor leverages its Asynchronous Multi-Processing (aSMP) design to produce amazing results. Select a task and one the four cores will snap into action. Each core can throttle up and down depending on the task. The result is increased battery efficiency and a whole lot of performance. The Voice activation enabled by Snapdragon processors bears technology that even listens while on standby. The result? You enjoy power savings and voice control experience that you can use without even touching your device making this processor the best in choice to this ever dynamic mobile market.

The catch with The new Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A is that it’s the first smartphone from Samsung to be fitted with a Snapdragon 800 powered processor with the rest of the features sticking out to the same as its prior predecessors.This may seem as a test by the Samsung company to have a new look at the way the market may seemingly react to the new addition to the processing power of their gadgets having in mind that other major market competitors such as Sony have in their launch tunnel a set of gadgets with the same processing speeds. The second half of this year has seen quite an embrace of the Snapdragon 800 processor and it was about time Samsung pulled up it sleeves and dug deep into the new tech-music even though its launch is about the same time some big upcoming flagships, most notably LG’s G2 smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and HTC’s One Max are set to launch.