The new Nexus 7 tablet wanders in a hands-on video


Nexus 7 sequel

Google has just sent out press invites to “Breakfast with Sundar Pichai” event schedule for July 24th in San Francisco. What does that mean? Well, it will definitely be about Android 4.3 software update (at least I like to think it is), but it could also be a press event to launch the Nexus 7 sequel, which takes me to the subject of this post.

Finally!! We are seeing a glimpse of what could be the next Nexus 7 tablet, according to Android Central source. The short video leaked to AC, gives us a really fast tour of the Asus-made tablet model number ME571K_PR1_SKU2 which will feature two cameras, a 1.2MP in front and a 5MP on the top left corner, in the back. It looks like the rumors about a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor could be true after all, 2GB of RAM, the same positioning for the Power button and Volume rocker, microUSB still at the bottom as well, we’ve got the Nexus logo inlaid vertically on the back, suggesting that we should use the tablet in landscape mode, while on the original model the logo is positioned horizontally. Android version speaking, this Nexus 7 unit has Android 4.3 JellyBean pre-installed according to AC.

So, what do you think of the new Nexus 7 tablet? Will you be getting it when it comes out?