Google to host July 24 “breakfast” event with Sundar Pichai, Nexus 7 sequel pricing leaks


sundarpichai-645x250Many among us were expecting Google to unwrap Android 4.3 Jelly Bean during Google I/O but it unfortunately never came to be. This time might be it!

It happens that Google began to send out press invites for a “Breakfast” event hosted by Android/Chrome chief Sundar Pichai. “Please join us for breakfast with Sundar Pichai,” the invites reads, the gathering kicks off on July 24 at 19:00 GMT (12PM EST) in San Francisco and be live-streamed on Google’s channel on YouTube.


The invite doesn’t tell much about the nature of the event except for the time, date, and location, but we’re pretty sure that it’s got something to do with the third flavor of Android Jelly Bean with deeper Chrome integration. – Google could quite possibly unveil a refreshed Snapdragon 600 powered Nexus 7 and/or the new Moto X which has pretty much been exposed over the course of these past few months.

Google did not really say much in regard to promoting the next version of Android this past May, they instead focused on Google Maps, Google+, Google Search, and other back-end improvements to Android for developers.

The elusive Android 4.3 Jelly Bean may finally see the light of day, Google is certainly cooking something new here, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Sundar Pichai has in store!

Update: It appears that the Nexus 7 sequel prices were leaked. AndroidCentral repo