Angry Birds Star Wars II with TelePods coming September 19th


Angry Birds Star Wars II

Rovio Entertainment has finally revealed the trailer of the Angry Birds Star Wars II, game teased last week through a picture of a bird dressed like young Anakin Sky Walker wearing a racing gear similar to that of 1999 prequel Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

Angry Birds Star Wars II as the official site Rovio discloses, will launch on September 19th and with it comes never-seen-before Angry Birds Star Wars characters and an environment that is noticeably gravity free giving rise to new tricks, tools and powers as depicted by the short video provided by Rovio in the same perspective, not forgetting to mention a few new tricks that will be experienced by gamers during gameplay.

Hasbro has added a new interactive gameplay content,”Telepods Technology”, that will allow users to add a physical character into the game done by placing the characters on their phones and Tablets by use of their tablet’s camera and scanning it into their app. The Telepods apparently will be purchased during launch and it is possible that the Telepods are the reason for the apparent push of launch to September as the Telepods should match the expected downloads by the users. The Telepods, expected to be 30 in number, will give gamers an experience that no other version has and enable them have unique customized line-ups and an opportunity to dictate “who” to launch.

One other feature worth mentioning from the new Angry Birds Star Wars II game is the ability to take sides during playtime allowing users to crossover to what apparently is known as “the pork side” aka the bad guys or the dark side, instead of being the good side (birds side).

Other merchandise to be sold alongside the Telepods will also include books, toys, accessories and plush toys and going by the collection available on offer during the launch it is expected to perform quite well in the market in comparison to its predecessor Angry Birds Star Wars.