Rogers Moto X Promo Video Leaked on YouTube Showing Its Cool Features


moto x helloThe Moto X is grasping more and more attention as time goes by thanks to the numerous leaks we have seen so far. Yet, we can’t get to see the end of them, with the latest one being a promo video showcasing the key features of the unannounced Motorola smartphone.

The video is a professional setup by Rogers, which will be the exclusive carrier to offer the device in Canada. The video has been leaked by Дима Прокопенко from Ukraine on his Google+ profile. Crucial features that have been shown off in the video include the always on voice commands, on-screen notification updates and camera gestures.

Starting with the voice commands, the Moto X will sport an always-on mic that listens to you all the time, even when the device is locked. Thus, you will be able to execute Google Now commands without even touching the smartphone. The active updates is another way of displaying your notifications while the phone is locked. The notification light on the Moto X is not present, instead, a portion of phone’s screen lights up when a notification is received, telling you more information than the notification light ever could. Some of the unique camera features of the Moto X include a gesture to invoke the camera, as well as giving you the option to take a photo with a tap everywhere on the screen. The first mentioned camera feature is a bit cumbersome, as you have to twist your wrist twice to enter the camera while the device is locked. The real problem is that some unwanted camera launches may occur when unintentionally shaking the device. The we like the latter camera feature though, but we still wonder how the touch-to-focus feature will be executed.

Finally, the video gives us a hint regarding the release date of the Moto X. It’s scheduled for August, but the exact date is yet to be revealed. The official announcement is getting closer, so it won’t take long until all the mysteries concerning the Moto X are revealed.