MoDaCo.SWITCH for HTC One Demoed And Nearly Ready For Release


HTC One JBThe HTC One is available in two flavors: Sense 5 and Google Edition, but what if one wants to extract the best of both worlds into one single package hassle-free? Wonder no more, as Paul O’Brien is hard at work to finish his project that aims to cover just that-to give the option to HTC One users to switch from one variant into another with just a single click. Behold, the MoDaCo.SWITCH!

MoDaCo.SWITCH is a system modification that gives users the option to switch between Sense 5 and stock Android 4.2.2 without the worry of dealing with different data sets and NAND backups. The project is currently work in progress, but the developer O’Brien sees the end of the tunnel, so we could expect a public beta soon.

The major novelty of the mod is that when you change software versions, the data remains intact, which means after the switch you will land in the same spot you have left before. Sounds convincing? You bet! If you want to see the MoDaCo.SWITCH in action, go ahead and watch the demonstration Paul O’Brien has prepared for you:

For any questions regarding the mod, feel free to ask the developer in his official post at MoDaCo.