Motorola X Spotted at Private Google Event and in Eric Schmidt’s hands


moto-x-eric-schmidt.jpg (5)

Just moments ago the Motorola X continued its streak of leaks and once again showed its face (technically, its back) to the camera, only later to be exposed in a video! Thanks to the German site AndroidNext, we have a clip showing a Google employee shooting video with his Motorola X unit.

The action took place at a private Google event, where the journalist Robert Scoble captured the Motorola X along with the guitarist on his Google Glasses. We recognized the smartphone by its familiar back, but there’s always a possibility that it’s something else.

Speaking of the Motorola X, we know very little details about it, but we expect to find at least a Snapdragon 600 CPU inside, 2GB RAM and all of those good stuff we are used to see in high-end devices. But we guess time will tell, and its announcement is probably not that far away.