Moto X backside photo leaks in Asia


moto x back

Speculations  continue to emerge on the yet to be released Motorola flagship phone (Moto X) come fall since its acquisition by the technology giant Google inc. Image leaks have  flooded the technology blog space with recent leaks emerging from the people’s republic of China, showing just the backside of the now most anticipated device in the U.S going by the high-end marketing budget set by Google to aid in its marketing strategies.

The black colored version comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack centrally placed with the camera, LED flashlight and the Motorola logo all neatly arranged in a linear order. The hands-free microphone can be easily overlooked a few millimeters from the headphone jack  not forgetting a three-line speaker grill.

$500 million is the said set budget and this is not constrained to the figure but  expected to go even higher as all the major carriers are in the bag awaiting the unveiling of what sources refer to as “the first smartphone that you can build for yourself” said to be shipped to Europe and other parts of the world with its release. A recent roadmap leak indicated that Moto X will be available at Verizon Wireless starting August 23rd, but that could be just an inaccurate rumor.

The Moto X is said to have been majorly assembled in the state of Texas and for that reason it will have  the American feel from the word go.

source Weibo | via TalkAndroid