Huawei Honour 3 photos leak: A mid-range smartphone with a high-end touch


Huawei Honor 3 photos

Leaked photos show Huawei’s third generation smartphone Huawei Honor 3 with a new development that may set aside the device from the mid-range group of phones. One of the leaked photos show Huawei Honor 3 to be waterproof, a feature reserved for only the high-end phones.Any tech guru can easily unravel the fact that the feature comes hand in hand with a dust-proof feature though this is not amongst the speculated features so far.

Other features associated with high-end phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, include the infrared blaster that enables the embedding of features such as remote control feature as seen in the S4 model. Borrowed features from the high-end category of the earlier unveiled Ascend P6 include the 8GB expandable internal memory though only 3.13 GB is usable / free, 1.5 GHz quad core processor (probably Huawei’s own K3V2 or K3V2E), a 4.7 inch 720p display, 13MP  rear-facing camera, a micro-SD slot and running Android 4.2.2. However it is rumoured that the rear-facing camera may be an 8MP shooter and the front facing camera a low 1.3MP, which for a low end device is okay.

Speculations about the shape are no surprise at all as the Huawei Honor 3 borrows alot from its predecessor Ascend P6 with a sleek curved edge finish and a clever swap of the positions of the front facing camera the proximity sensor making the phone a touch of class. The release date has not yet been mentioned, but keep it Pocketdroid for any updates.