T-Mobile announces Jump smartphone upgrade program, Xperia Z and new LTE markets


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America’s Un-carrier T-Mobile unveiled a landmark new program JUMP!, which enables people to upgrade their phones when they want, up to twice a year as soon as six months after enrollment.

The two years waiting period for an upgrade is something of the past, because today T-Mobile changed all this with the launch of JUMP! Customers no longer have to be stuck with a broken phone or an incorrect phone.

Additionally, T-Mobile announced a major expansion of its 4G LTE network to reach 157 mil people in 116 metro areas across the United States.

T-Mobile also unveiled a four-line family plan for $100 per month with no credit check! Yes, you get four phone lines with unlimited talk, text and Web and up to 500MB of high-speed data.

This is just building on their announcements in March where they simplified their lineup of consumer rate plans to one affordable plan for unlimited talk, text and Web on a nationwide network; eliminated the need for consumers to sign annual service contracts and allowing subscribers to get popular smartphones whenever they want for a very low upfront fee.

Market data indicated that T-Mobile has nearly tripled its flow of postpaid net-new customers from AT&T and T-Mobile has also gained more net-new clients in May than any of the other major wireless carriers in the big US cities.

JUMP! will provide customers with total protection of their smartphones.  It will offer the freedom to upgrade to a new device more affordably and provide protection against malfunction, damage, loss or theft for the low monthly fee of $10 per phone (excl taxes and fees), barely $2 more than customers are already paying for handset protection alone.

From 14 July, customers can upgrade to a new phone, financed through T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Program (EIP), twice every year after they have been in the JUMP! Program for six months.  Trade in an eligible T-Mobile phone in good working order at a store.  Remaining EIP payments will be eliminated and current customers can purchase new phones for the same upfront pricing as new customers with device financing and Simple Choice Plan, a no-annual service contract.

T-Mobile is making its network even better with its 4G LTE network.  They plan to deliver nationwide coverage by the end of the year.  Additionally, their 4G HSPA+ network service is available to 228 million people nationwide.  By combining 4G HSPA+ and LTE network technologies, T-Mobile provides strong seamless nationwide 4G coverage.

T-Mobile is also now extending its Un-carrier strategy to families because from 14 July families can get four Simple Choice Plan lines, with unlimited talk time, text and Web and 500MB data for $100 per month (excl taxes and fees).

T-Mobile is also expanding their 4G LTE devices with the Xperia Z from Sony (T-Mobile will be exclusive US Wireless company offering this phone).  This water-resistant Android (TM)  is available from 17 July at $99.99 down with 24 monthly $20 device payments.  The Nokia Lumia will also be available from same time at $49.99 down with 24 monthly $20 device payments.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab ™ 2 10.1 T-Mobile customers will get an over-the-air software update shortly so that they can use the 4G LTE network.  You can also buy this for $99.99 down with 24 monthly $15 payments.

JUMP! may not be available in all locations, so go to http://www.T-Mobile,com for details