Eight Samsung Galaxy Note III model numbers spotted in the wild



A wild rumor appeared on the Internet a while ago concerning Samsung and its much-anticipated device yet, the Samsung Galaxy Note III. Samsung it seems that it might bring a whole entire Galaxy Note III family. 8 variants have been spotted (the model numbers actually), including a “limited edition” variant which according to the rumor mill, would have an unbreakable display, an AMOLED version, a LCD version, and a LCD version with an 8MP camera. The Galaxy Note III is rumored to run Android 4.2.2, 5.7” Full HD AMOLED display, 13 megapixel camera and a Quad-Core or an Octa-core processor.

The first 2 models were actually spotted on Samsung’s own  UAPROF (user agent profiles). The two were,model number SM-N900T and SM-N900A. From the profiles we can aassume that the devices will have a 1080×1920 screen resolution.That also denotes full HD displays.

Unconfirmed models which were gotten by a Stefan Constantinescu from Android Beat,(he ran a search SM-N900 and discovered a site that keeps track of goods that are imported in and exported from India) these are:

  • SM-N900V
  • SM-N900A
  • SM-N900
  • SM-N900T
  • SM-N900AI
  • SM-N900S
  • SM-N900R4
  • SM-N900P

But the again,these could be different prototype being tested,but the above aforementioned models are confirmed pieces because they relate with earlier leaks.