Daily Android Game: Redline Rush



Redline Rush is maybe just another endless-runner, but this time, it’s a grueling battle between your supercar and the law. Run through the busy city streets and try to outrun the cops in this high speed police chase.

As in the other popular endless-running games, the goal here is to go as far as possible while completing all of the missions that are needed to completed and collecting coins and crystals. We would say it’s the same concept, but with a different approach.


Redline Rush offers a very rich variety of cars, starting from slowest and eventually getting to play with the fastest around. The cars can be customized by applying different paint jobs and various vinyls.


The game offers no more than three different regions to race in, but that’s still good given that the other games of this category don’t even give you a single choice. The other stages can be bought with in-game coins and they usually bring more bonuses when on track.


There is, of course, another way to boost your chances of success and that’s done by buying upgrades and boosts. Most of them are bought by in-game-earned coins, while some require real money.