Android 4.3 to sort apps and widgets by ‘usage amount’


Android 4.3

Android 4.3 Jellybean software update is probably days away and it looks like it will come with some interesting productivity changes regarding apps and widgets sorting.

So you’re a blogger,yes you like to blog about your daily experiences, or how your girlfriend/boyfriend just left you etc, and you like doing this on the go, and not confined to your laptop or computer back at home (yes laptops are portable,but you can’t pull it out just anywhere). So you downloaded the WordPress app and installed it on your tablet or smart phone.

You have tons of apps already, from gaming to productivity apps on your phone too. Automatically the word-press app you downloaded will probably be in the last screen/or at the bottom of your android drawer, this is if you dislike cluttered home screens like me.

Well not anymore, recent code appeared in the Google Launcher that suggests that Android 4.3 will allow sorting of apps alphabetically and by the amount of times you’ve used them on a regular basis. As of right now,unless you’re using a custom launcher,your android smart phone will sort apps according to alphabetical order.And not just apps,but widgets too. Cool huh? after all its the little tiny details that count.

A leaked version of android 4.3 has been in the wild for a while now,Google is yet to unveil KLP (key lime pie),its rumored to carry many improvements such as an enhanced camera interface,changes to how your phone relates to WiFi(always on WiFi),low energy use when using blue-tooth,and sunbeam live wallpaper. But then again nothing is official as of now,so don’t start doing back-flips infront of apple stores just yet.