Huawei’s 8-Core Hisilicon K3V3 confirmed


20130109143343_668A slew of new SoCs are being readied, a while back we heard about MediTek’s latest silicon offering planned to be released by the end of this year. Huawei, the Chinese company behind the K3V2/K3V2E chip is set to release a beefier version of its SoC with 8 Cortex-A15 cores dubbed K3V3.

The new application processor built on the 28nm node was allegedly confirmed by Chinese sources. – Huawei is said to have completed their development process, the SoC will use a new cooling technology that enables the processor to auto-charge when running at high temperature while cooling the processor as well, this will supposedly save more battery juice while keeping the temperature at acceptable levels.

We don’t yet know any of the specs or whether Huawei will adopt the reference ARM big.LITTLE architecture but a fully fledged octa-core K3V3 chip with Cortex-A15 cores will surely drain a lot of power, whether their new technology proves to be power efficient remains to be seen but the thing shall be among the top-notch performers on the market later this year.

The Hisilicon K3V3 will have a peak clock of 1.8GHz, the GPU will be an ARM Mali though the exact model wasn’t specified, we’re guessing that it’ll be something from the Mali-T6xx series.

The chip will make its first appearance with the release of Ascend Mate successor.