HTC One S petition hopes to turn around HTC’s decision


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Just the other day HTC France dropped a ‘bomb’ on HTC One S owners by announcing that the company has decided to end any future development / software optimization for HTC One S smartphone less than 12 months after its official launch. Following on HTC decision, consumers who own this device have started an online petition in hope that they can change Taiwan-based mobile maker’s mind. Such decisions leave a lot of Android users exposed to security flaws / vulnerabilities in the long run, besides the fact that people make great sacrifices (in some cases) and spend a lot of money on devices that after a year basically become obsolete.

The petition talks about HTC promise made back in February that the handset will be getting Android 4.2.2 and HTC Sense 5.0, especially because HTC One S can run Android 4.2 without a problem as it was demoed on YouTube not to long ago.

So far over 1000 people signed the petition, if you are one of the users who own a HTC One S you might be interested in signing it too.

To: HTC, HTC Corporation

I am a user of your HTC One S mobile phone. I was incredibly distraught by the recent choice you made to discontinue support of the device, regarding software updates. The device is not even 18 months old and you seemingly ditch it without an official reason as to why.

The device is by no means a low performer. Stacking it against even the current line of quad-core Snapdragon devices, it still packs a definite punch. What’s more, Samsung’s Galaxy S III (the dual-core variant; same chipset as the S4 One S) and even the budget-end Galaxy Ace 3 will both receive Android 4.2.2 updates. So really, what is your excuse?

Some reports have led to not enough sales? A solution to this, is to partner with more popular network carriers, charge a mid-range price for a mid-range phone (£430 is NOT mid-range!), and quite frankly, stop pulling a Samsung move and lessen releases of newer devices within a time frame.

As a happy HTC One S user, I encourage that you rethink your choices, and give users exactly what they want. That’s what HTC has always been about, isn’t it? Customers have priority? Here, I do not see that at all. Many users are asking for it. Are they receiving it? No.

Once again, I strongly urge you to have a rethink about the HTC One S. It is definitely a great phone; a highlight of 2012. It even managed higher benchmarks than your HTC One X and Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Now that’s impressive. It truly is a remarkable device, but your lack of software updates are seriously hampering that.
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