Youtube for Android gets Multitasking in upcoming update



Youtube gets over 1 billion views a day, and while the website is doing alright, the Android app could use an upgrade which is coming really soon, as Ryan reports on the Verge that he has been playing with the new Youtube for Android app on his Galaxy Nexus finding new features like a pop-up window for the video playback while browsing in the other window through Youtube channels for other videos.

Upcoming Youtube for Android app features:

  • App will retain current aesthetic
  • When you start a video an arrow pointing down will appear at the top left corner
  • Swiping on the arrow will create a small window at the bottom left corner of the screen where the video will continue playing
  • You can continue scrolling through other videos simultaneously
  • It currently doesn’t support system wide capabilities but that should come by launch time

Ryan says the alpha/beta stages Youtube application for Android operating system is fast and really fluid. We will be getting the update sometime soon. Stay tuned for more.

via theVerge