Samsung ATIV Q Available For Pre-Orders at €1599 in Germany


ATIV Q (4)Samsung’s Ativ Q is a really interesting device. It’s a laptop-tablet hybrid that can not only transform from one form to another, but can also shift from Windows 8 to Android and vice versa with a single click of a button! On top of that, it houses the latest and greatest internals a true geek could ask for. You can judge that by its pre-order price it has just received, and it stands tall at €1599.

The price is related to Germany and probably most of the European countries. Note that the pre-order prices are always higher than the actual retail pricetags, so if you are not in a hurry to buy this monster, you might want to wait until it arrives at the stores around July 8.

Let’s talk about what makes this system so special and expensive. First off it’s its processor: it touts the off-the-shelves Intel Core i5 4500U Haswell quad-core processor clocked at 1,6GHz. It’s one of the best chipsets Intel can offer in this department, so there’s no doubt concerning the raw performance of the laptop. The on-board GPU is an Intel HD 4400 unit, while the RAM is set to 4GB. The display of the Ativ Q is something special: it’s 13 inch in diagonal and counts 3200×1800 pixels, coming very close to 4K standars. The storage capacity is presented by the 256GB SSD found under the hood. It’s also worth mentioning that it comes with Samsung S Pen support.

With the Ativ Q Samsung once again proved that they are on the top position for a reason. What’s your take on the Samsung Ativ Q? Would you shell out that much money for a device like this, or would you pass?