Umeox X5 gets caught in real life shots, shows how thin it really is at 5.6 mm


Umeox X5

Announced by Umeox on June 23rd as the worlds thinnest smartphone at its 5.6 mm – UMEOX X5 was not properly revealed to the public, the Chinese mobile maker showed off a mere press image. But have no fear, as our vigilant tipsters found a few real life images with the Umeox X5 in the wild, which shows the smartphone in all of its glory – front to back and sideways, and yes it is thinner than a stack of three coins (see photo below).

The UMEOX X5 will go on sale in Europe, France at first and from there onto other European markets. As for the hardware parts, the current worlds thinnest smartphone feature a 4 inch display, it will be powered by a MediaTek processor, likely a 1,400 mAh battery (due to its thinnes) and Android 4.2 Jellybean operating system.


Umeox X5