Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network coverage hits 500 markets



More than half of Verizon Wireless data is carried today by its 4G LTE network launched in December 2010. Right now the 4G LTE network covers 500 markets in 49 states (50 with Alaska joining officially next month) across the United States. This milestone has been reached today, driven by the expansion of the network over the last couple of years and due to an increasing number of 4G LTE oriented devices available on the market.

According to a study made by Juniper Research, there will be more than 220 million 4G LTE subscribers around the world by next year. The world’s fastest commercially available wireless technology (4G LTE) is serving consumers in more than 70 countries and the number of adoption is constantly growing. 

Below you’ll find an infograph released by the Big Read which will give you a glimpse at the stats of its network coverage (3G/4G).

vw 4g infographic 062513