HTC One and Galaxy S4 Google Edition with Nexus experience now available on Google Play


Nexus experience

For a couple of years people have been asking about high-end devices that are based on a clean stock Android version, that’s because most of the vendors ship their phones and tablets with a in-house customized user interface. Recently Google announced that HTC One GE and Galaxy S4 GE will be the first top tier phones to come in a stock flavour and the promise has been kept. Starting, June 26 both HTC One and Galaxy S4 with a Nexus like user experience are available on Google Play store for $650.

The HTC One Google Edition comes with 32GB memory on-board and it costs $600 at Google Play store, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition comes with 16GB + a microSD slot for $650.

While the hardware are exactly the same as the original variants, there are a few minor changes like the bootloader and the SIM are unlocked on both devices and they are also carrying HSPA+ and 4G LTE technology. Plus some changes on the inside (software-wise). The boot logo sequences shows a Nexus sphere rather than the Nexus X while booting into the Android 4.2.2 OS, there is also a new red live wallpaper called Sun Beam.

There is a third top tier smartphone that’s about to launch with the same Nexus UI experience, at least thats what the rumors tell us.

Everyone wanted such stock based high-end smartphones, but are they really the future? Thinking of buying one? Let us know in the comments down below.