Samsung in early settlement talks with EU commission in the antitrust charges against Apple



Samsung has been in court battles with Apple for quite a while now. You may recall that Apple won a $1.05 billion victory against Samsung last year when the appointed jury voted that almost every device infringed on Apple patents aside from its tablets. Samsung and Apple are the worlds two top smartphone makers, this is in regard to sheer volume of devices sold. This has brought about patent disputes which have spanned over 10 countries, in an effort to become the dominant player in the smartphone segment.

Reuters reports that Samsung is in preliminary talks with European Commission  regulators (acts as the competition regulator) to try to settle antitrust charges, because by seeking court injunctions against Apple over the use its patents, it was acting unfairly. One of the sources is claimed to have stated that

Samsung has been involved in settlement discussions for several months now. Samsung wants to settle

If Samsung does go ahead with the talks, it would lead to Samsung being absolved, in that it would be found free of any wrong doing, hence no fine, which would have carried along a hefty $17.3 Billion tag, that is, if Samsung was found guilty and in breach of EU laws. In last year, December, the European commission had sent a statement of objection to Samsung accusing Samsung of not letting Apple use crucial patent that it holds for mobile phone technologies. Basically related to the ¬†European Telecommunications Standardization Institutes’s 3G UMTS standard, this is even after accepting to pledge them (Apple) on fair terms to rivals.

It’s not clear why Samsung decided to settle,since no official statements have been issued thus far, but analysts believe it might be because Samsung believe that the commission has built up a strong case with evidence, against it.