Galaxy Note 8.0 available in brown in the US



Samsung are at it again, and no it’s not about a new variation of the S4 (there are 7 variants already), it’s about color on its new tablet device.The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Brown is a color that not many manufacturers have dabbled with,usually going with the strong silent black,or the pure angelic white and maybe at times a soft ivory color. But no, Samsung want to mix it up a little bit, brown.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 as a device is pretty awesome, remember it wields the almighty S Pen, and yes the S pen is also brown. It already has made its way to virtual stores such as Best Buy, B&H and Buy Dig. Its going for $397.99 at Buy Dig and $399.99 at B&H plus also Best buy. It will be interesting to see where Samsung venture to next, as they strive to be unique, turquoise? pink?


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