CyanogenMod 10.1 leaves RC status, moves to general release



Popular custom ROM CyanogenMod has been in the release candidates since over a month but the team behind it is now ready to make the next & final move. The ROM will essentially be complete in a matter of hours following the termination of RC roll outs.

New changes like the Privacy Guard were merged into the final code.

With the 10.1.0 code finalized, we will return to our M-release cycle and work towards adding additional functionality and features; including the new Privacy Guard feature, which was merged into the nightlies today.

There are many new and exciting things planned for the remainder of the year, just wait and see what we will do next!

The team expects to release final builds for most (if not all) supported devices, unofficial maintainers will of course need to sync their git repo and recompile their ROMs. For the time being only Qualcomm MSM SoCs will see a build, Tegra 2 & Exynos will be left in the dark for quite some time, the developers will  provide a ‘status report’ for these devices later this week.

via CyanogenMod