Qualcomm announces six new Snapdragon 200 SoCs



Qualcomm’s chips are dominating the Android ecosystem with the Snapdragon 600 maintaining its supremacy, their entry-level solutions like Snapdragon 400 are however still struggling in the low end segment due to stiff competion. Qualcomm is nevetherless still targeting the other end of the spectrum with the introduction of six new Snapdragon 200 SoCs coming in both dual & quad core flavors (MSM8x10 and MSM8x12).

Those new addition to the already vast lineup will be built on a 28nm low power (LP) process (down from the current 45mm 200s) & will feature built-in HSPA+(up to 21Mbps) andĀ TD-SCDMA connectivity. The SoCs will offer support for 8MP primary camera sensors and up to 5MP front-facing secondary sensors. Multiple SIMs (dual standby, dual active and tri standby) as well as iZat location and Quick Charge 1.0 will be natively supported.


The SoCs will sport the Adreno 302 GPU which shall offer a “graphics-rich gaming experience” while supporting resolutions of up to WXGA/720p. This new entry level GPU will probably be a heavily trimmed down version of the Adreno 305 found in the Snapdragon 400.

Qualcomm expects to begin shipping those new SoCs by the end of this year. The company will also release Qualcomm Reference Design (QRD) versions of the processors for handset makers showcasing phone designs that make use of the processors’ capabilities.

The new Snapdragon 200 SoCs are geared towards budget bang-for-buck smartphones offering a decent balance between performance and battery life.

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