Oppo confirms Oppo Find 7 smartphone is in the works


oppo find 5

Chinese mobile vendor Oppo confirmed that a new smartphone is in the works – Oppo Find 7, a smartphone that we’ve heard about a few days ago that it could arrive as soon as September. However not the case, as Oppo issued a statement on this matter saying:

OPPO is excited to be currently developing the next phone in the Find series, the Find 7. However, development is still in the early stages and has no finalized designs or specifications. There is also no release date at this time and will unfortunately not be available this September.

Oppo is a new entry in the top mobile makers this year, who made a great impact at debut with its current high-end Oppo Find 5 smartphone (image up top), that packs a lot of good stuff under the hood, all wrapped up in a package way more cheaper than any other high-end device, including iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 and HTC One. There is also a mini version of the Find 5 model called Oppo Find 5 Mini which is due soon, according to a recent leak which seesm to point to a cheap and colorful device.

Oppo Find 7 will probably be announced around winter season with a launch date set around Christmas or early next year. Meanwhile, Oppo issued an interesting poll regarding a Oppo Find 5 Google Edition, which intrigues us whether or not they are currently negotiating with Google for such a variant or is just them playing nice with their fans.

Stay tuned to Pocketdroid for more details.