Despicable Me Arrives on Android, Here’s Our Review


despicable me_banner

Despicable Me is an adventure game in which you need to collect bananas, complete challenges and jump your way up to the top to become the minion of the year.

It’s a fun endless-runner developed by Gameloft, but this time it’s your Minion that holds the spotlight. His mission is to make the villain Gru believe that now he is the one that holds the title “Minion of the year” and you are here to help him do that.


The main goals you need to achieve, however, are some challenges (or missions, if you will) and as you pass them you level up, unlock various things and eventually reach the final rank. It’s not a completely original game (Subway Surfers, anyone?), but it’s fun enough once you get the hang on it.


Controlling your character is taken care of by various swipes across the screen and sometimes you will rely on the accelerometer and gyro sensors of your device. Throughout the action your minion will end up collecting bananas almost all of the time. Why is that? Well, they represent some kind of currency used for buying your character new outfits, upgrades and gadgets. Those will help you advance easier.


We like knowing the fact that the game is developed with the idea of fine-tuning even the smallest details. It looks and feels professionally-programmed and optimized, the graphics are impressive and so are the audio effects. There’s nothing to complain about here, it’s a well-made app.

To sum it up, Despicable Me is a great new game of the endless-runner type. Although not very original, it’s more than enough to keep you busy for quite a while. And, not to forget, it won’t hurt your wallet either, because it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

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