UCCW – Create And Personailze Widgets



Ultimate custom widget (a.k.a. UCCW) is a widget-editing app that lets you create your own custom and unique widget. In a very productive way, you get to make your phone shine among the others and even push the limits of your own skills and creativity.

But, isn’t the process of making widgets a little complicated for the average user? After all, if it was so easy, we would all end up creating  our own widgets on a daily basis. That’s where UCCW steps up, providing us an easier way to create tons of cool unique widgets for our Android devices.

Luckily, there isn’t any coding involved in the process. Everything can be done through the user interface of the app, which looks complicated at first sight, but would surely become familiar once you get the hang of it. Basically, it consists of several buttons and a workspace in which the body of the widget is constructed. Many components can be added, such as images, analog and digital clocks, weather and battery indicators and many more. Heck, even custom actions and “taskers” can be configured, but we will leave that up to you to discover.


Once a widget is done, it can be exported to several formats. While ones are suited for personal use only, other enable easy sharing. And lastly, to put it on your home screen, you just do the usual stuff like you would always do with a normal widget.