Qualcomm Demoes Snapdragon 800 Recording, Playing And Streaming 4K Videos


snapdragon 800 4KThese days the craze is around the fresh 4K technology that has been emerging lately. There have been a couple of commercial 4K TVs announced and a few silicons supporting this technology released. One of them is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 mobile chipset, which is yet to debut on a device. But Qualcomm is not keeping it quiet, but as always, the company likes to boast a little with its developments. Qualcomm representatives demoed a Snapdragon 800-running device capture 4K video sample, then transfer it to a Snapdragon 800-running tablet, finally beaming it to a Sony 4K TV.

We must say Qualcomm has put a lot of work in its latest top-of-the-line chipset and we can’t wait to see the first Snapdragon 800-packing device hit the market. Here’s Qualcomm’s demonstration video for all of you who want to experience what we said before: