HTC Butterfly S aka DLXPlus shows up on camera


htc-butterfly-s (3)

Last month the name HTC Butterfly S came up on a UAProf on HTC website, which is currently known under the codename DLXPlus. The Butterfly S is the sequel to HTC Butterfly J launched last year, but with better specs and Android 4.2 out of the box.

HTC has scheduled an event for June 19th where the Taiwan-based mobile maker could debut the HTC Butterfly S, HTC One Max (HTC’s first phablet) and the HTC One Mini (M4), which we’ve seen previously in a photo gallery besides the current flagship smartphone HTC One.

We expect HTC Butterfly S to pack the same 5 inch Full HD screen, if not one slightly bigger. We are not certain at this point if the upcoming rumored 6 inch HTC One Max phablet is one and the same with the Butterfly S, but we are optimistic that at least one of these three handhelds will be uncovered on June 19th.

We are exactly one week away from HTC’s event, I guess we are in for a long week of leaks and speculation on what HTC ¬†will announce during the event.