CyanogenMod to soon get App “incognito mode” for greater privacy


CM Incognito

CyanogenMod core leader Steve Kondik has recently unwrapped the latest CyanogenMod feature currently in development via Google+. – Dubbed “Incognito Mode”. This is basically a ‘sandbox’ acting like an isolating container preventing select Apps from accessing personal user data (contacts, messages, call logs, GPS data etc).

The mode will be useful when trying out rather suspicious Apps from questionable sources. The feature will be available via the App info panel in system settings. Kondik does however point out this mode will not block ads or spoof IMEI numbers. It’s only for keeping your personal data private from any App misuse.

Incognito Mode for apps is ‘coming soon’ to CyanogenMod, possibly in a future RC build or eventually in the final CM10.1, no ETA has been announced yet.