Samsung is allegedly prepping the Galaxy Note 12.2


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Samsung is allegedly busy readying a 12.2-inch version of the Galaxy Note packing a Sharp WQXGA display feating a stunning resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. The latter is said to be equipped with IGZO (Indum-Gallium Zinc Oxide) technology as well as the iconic S-Pen. The Galaxy Note 12.2 will the company’s largest tablet to date!

The rumor comes directly from Korean website ETNEWS. The Galaxy Note 12.2 will reportedly hit shelves in Q3 2013 while Sharp has already been lined up to produced 12 million displays for the device. We don’t expect any reveal soon but it’s quite possible that Samsung might show it off during their ‘Premier 2013‘ event scheduled to take place in London on June 20. The source also claims that the tablet will go by the ‘Smart Pad’ moniker but we don’t yet have any hardware specifications.

We can however speculate that it’ll pack a fairly powerful SoC under the hood powering that gigantic display. The actual silicon could be an offering from Intel or yet another Exynos chipset which has yet to surface.