Man of Steel Official Game Trailer Released, Game Available on June 14th


man of steel banner

Man of Steel is another movie-based game delivered from the same-called film that will debut in just a week from now. It’s the newest release from the Warner Bros studios and it aims on bringing the huge Superman saga on all of the popular mobile platforms, including Android.

The game will become available on 14 June, the same date the film will be debuted on and that does not surprise us. Other details, however, are still unknown, other than that the official trailer of Man of Steel has just been released on YouTube. It showcases some of the gameplay, which includes Superman beating the hell of the bad guys and saving the day again, though we clearly assume the game will be much more complex than just that. Another thing worth mentioning is the graphics and environments, which, surprisingly, are not up to the level of today’s other high-end games that have pushed the limits of mobile gaming to a whole new level.

Anyways, here we present the official trailer of Man of Steel.So, be patient and find out what to expect of it: