Sony Xperia Z Google Edition on its way as well?


sony xperia z

After May 15th announcement, on stage at Google I/O, where Hugo Barra unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S4 “Google Edition” with Nexus-like UI experience, a couple of weeks later, the HTC One “Google Edition” has also been introduced to the public with a date of release set for June 26 on Google Play store.

Now that HTC and Samsung enjoys Google treat, you’ll probably wonder why other mobile makers don’t get the same deal from the search giant. Well, according to a new rumor, it appears that Sony Xperia Z is also in cards for a “Google Edition” release.

This rumor reminds me of last year’s Google Nexus device bonanza, when a rumor pointed out towards the possibility that multiple OEM’s could have launched a Nexus smartphone in 2012, of corse that it didn’t happen. We are in a similar situation in 2013, except two mobile makers have already been confirmed for a Nexus-like UI flagship device.

Google Edition flagship phones with Nexus experience sounds neat, however the news is only half a good news, because these devices will only be available in the U.S. or so at least, the rumors claim.

Would you be interested in purchasing a Google Edition Galaxy S4, HTC One or even an Xperia Z smartphone outside the US?