Week in Review @PocketDroid (27.5 – 2.6)


pocketdroid week in reviewGoogle Nexus 4 launched in white:

A few minutes ago LG Electronics went official with its newest version, announcing that the Nexus 4 White will be coming on May 29, in Hong Kong at first, and from there in other select markets world-wide (Asia, North America, Europe and Middle East) in the next few weeks. See it in white

MediaTek revealed more details regarding its new chip:

Chip maker,Mediatek has revealed information concerning its new chip, the MT6290 SoC. It actually plans to launch this chip into the Chinese market, so as to take advantage of the growing, Chinese 4G network. Not only China, but other countries like India. 4G will soon be available to such countries and Mediatek is taking steps to ensure that it maximizes its chances of penetrating such markets,with device makers using their chips in their devices. Uses Cortex A9 cores @1,3GHz minimum

Tapatalk 4 Beta launched on Google Play:

Tapatalk is one of the most popular, if not the most popular forum reader app out there. With more than half a million users, it’s very widely spread across the world and among the users. Now, celebrating the 4th anniversary of Tapatalk, the developers have released a full-featured beta release of the upcoming iteration of the app: Tapatalk 4. See what’s new

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 Mini:

Rounds of rumors and speculation finally come to an end, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini goes official today! – This shrunken down version of the Galaxy S4 sports many similarities compared to its bigger brother, but it’s a different beast inside out. Check the differences

HTC One with Nexus Experience was announced:

The man in charge of Android and Chrome OS teams, Sundar Pichai has revealed last night during All Things D conference that Google will start selling an unlocked HTC One with Nexus UI (Google Edition running stock Android) starting June 26 through Google Play store at $599, which will work on both T-Mobile and AT&T network. Read more

LG Optimus G Pro launched in a bunch of Asian countries:

LG Optimus G Pro, the first supersized smartphone of LG and the star of MWC 2013, has finally launched outside of its homeland and the American market. Starting yesterday, the smartphone is being rolled out in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam and Malaysia. Continue reading

Android 4.2.2 for HTC One leaked:

HTC’s devices may have a premium design yet the Taiwanese manufacturer has always been terrible as far as updates were concerned, let’s not forget their ICS fiasco. But that should hopefully not happen with their newest flagship. – The HTC One which is expected to taste the latest Android goodies in just a matter of time according to a new leak! Not much different than what we already have