Daily Android Game: Fast & Furious 6: The Game



Fast & Furious 6 is probably the most popular movie you’ll spot in the cinemas today. It’s an awesome mixture of high-octane action, fast cars, breathtaking chases, romance and hate. Not surprisingly, following the steps of the movie, a same-called game has also hit the Google Play Store’s shelves. Will it hold up to carry on the same success of the actual film? It’s up to us now to decide.

Lets start with the basic concept behind Fast & Furious 6. Sure, it carries the same name of the movie, but it differs in several aspects. Firstly, there are no thrilling chases as found in the film, nor some bad-ass dialogues and career modes. It’s basically a drag racing game with some cool added twists. For one, there’s also drift mode, when by pressing a button the car goes on sliding through the corner. Classic drag racing is also present, though.


The principles of racing are pretty simple: you just get yourself a car, do drift and drag races in the respective cups and earn money to upgrade your car and eventually finish the story mode. Keep in mind that the events in the story mode require great skill and a decently upgraded car.


When racing time comes, it would be better if you know the basics of drag racing in F&F 6. At start there’s a countdown and at a specific moment, the launch button is needed to be pressed. Do it too early and you will result in a false start. Press it too late, though, and it would also make for a slow start. Shifting gears is the second and most important lesson of all. Just press and drag the shifting knob up or down depending on whether you want to shift up or down. And, last but not least, lets cover the art of drifting. When the time comes, a marked area on the road will show up and when the time is right, just press and hold the drift button. Another indicator will show up later, which would mark the end of the drift session.


Fast & Furious 6 is a game of cars. Fast cars. There are many cars organized in 5 classes. Beginning from class 1 all to the final 5th class, they are arranged from slowest to fastest. All are of great importance, though. It’s impossible to just jump from class 2 to a class 5 car, for example.