Sony Togari C6802 6.4 phablet spotted in the wild?



Back in March, PocketDroid received a tip from an anonymous source about Sony’s upcoming 6.4 inch phablet codenamed Togari C6802 and its hardware specifications. The extremely large Sony device has a Full HD (1920×1080) 342ppi display and it will be available globally. There will also be two other Togari variants: Sony C6803 which is the LTE model and Sony C6806 the HSPA+ model.

An oversized Xperia Z-like device, which could be the Sony Togari C680x has been spotted in a photo alongside a HTC One, which some sites say it could be the HTC M4 model, and on top of the HTC device there is a large Nokia Lumia 1030, according to @dahnyelperro, the guy who spotted these devices during a blogger event at Nokia France.

Now we know that this is more than a long shot, but from our point of view if that’s the 4.7 inch HTC One we are seeing in this photo, than it is likely that the Xperia Z-like device is the Sony Togari and Nokia’s first 5-6 inch phablet.