Tapatalk 4 Beta Makes it to The Play Store With Massive UI Overhaul



Tapatalk is one of the most popular, if not the most popular forum reader app out there. With more than half a million users, it’s very widely spread across the world and among the users. Now, celebrating the 4th anniversary of Tapatalk, the developers have released a full-featured beta release of the upcoming iteration of the app: Tapatalk 4.

For now, it’s still a beta release that’s free to use. In the future, however, it will be merged with the tablet-oriented Tapatalk HD release and will appear as a single app called Tapatalk 4.

Keeping in mind that the number of Tapatalk users is tremendously big, we assume that there is a good chance that you, our fellow reader, are already familiar with the current stable release of Tapatalk. So, when you take a look at the new app, you won’t be able to miss the whole new overhauled user interface that clearly follows Google’s design language. It looks fresh, clean and very intuitive. Certainly friendlier than the last year’s one, at least.


Other features are still present here as well. It’s possible to follow multiple forums on the same device, of course, without having to log in or out from one to another.