Mediatek reveals information about its new chip: 4G LTE MT6290 SoC


mediatek-cortex a7-soc-quad-core

Chip maker,Mediatek has revealed information concerning its new chip, the MT6290 SoC. It actually plans to launch this chip into the Chinese market, so as to take advantage of the growing, Chinese 4G network. Not only China, but other countries like India. 4G will soon be available to such countries and Mediatek is taking steps to ensure that it maximizes its chances of penetrating such markets,with device makers using their chips in their devices.

4G in China is actually only available in Shenzhen and larger cities, but it wont be long till they are deployed to other cities as well.

Everyone will probably want a piece of the speed associated with 4G, hence Mediatek to the rescue,with low-cost handsets probably being manufactured to suit the demand and utilizing Mediateks’ SoC chip.Mediatek plans to launch the new¬†MT6290 SoC chip later this year, but in a limited production run,only meant for phone development.

Specs associated with the MT6290 28nm chip are clock-speeds of at least 1.3Ghz. Probable guesses are that Mediatek will use ARM’s Cortex A7 or A9 architecture in a quad-core configuration.So expect 2014 flagship smart phones (low-cost) to have this chip.